27 weeks! Third Trimester!!!!

Well I have made it to the 3rd trimester and just so happy to be on the home stretch to meet these little boys! All is well so far....I have switched up my diet from the help of my dear friend, Liz, who is going to be a nutritional therapist- so she has MANY foods/meals that are low in glycemic index so that my blood sugar will not spike after foods. I had to cut out all my sweet cravings- I was REALLY starting to get along with donuts well. So my snack now is frozen green grape that Liz told me to eat and I love them! Sweet potatoes for breakfast with eggs and trying to steer clear of the carbs- I tried them and they really raised my sugars....so as of right now checking my blood 4 times a day and trying to watch my food intake. Total weight gain is close to 30 pounds so far! I am really ok with it, it is basically all belly...so that works for me. The boys are moving a ton and I am really feeling it which is super cool. We go next Monday to the OB- 28 week appointment and we also get a growth scan/ultrasound. Then I go in every week after that appointment- it is getting close. My OB is thinking anywhere from January 2-9th! Keep you posted with more updates after my Monday appointment.


  1. Glad you're feeling good, Mol. I honestly don't know how you stay away from carbs while pregnant. I seriously thought both my boys might come out as a donut because I ate so many of them :)

    You are a gorgeous preggers lady :)

  2. Thanks for the kind words Molls! I have a feeling these could be New Year's babies. Can't wait to see you! Keep enjoying those sweet potatoes - I just wrote a blog for Steve's Original about them...and I mentioned our conversation! Hope I got the details right... I was going to email the link but here it is: http://www.stevesoriginal.com/blog/power_food_sweet_potatoes/