One Year Anniversary

Steve and I celebrated our one year this weekend in Weston, MO...fun little wine town up North....it was a great way to ring in the one year mark! I have such an amazing guy...he really is my soul mate! He gave me a card that just said it all- we have been through so much this last year with my health and without him I would have gone crazy that is for sure! Anyways, we got to our hotel room and when I walked in there was a bouquet of my favorite flowers, Lilies...so sweet...we went out to a great restruant and really enjoyed our time...it was fun! Here are some pics showing my lilies and #1 for our first anniversary...


  1. Congrats on making it through the first year of marriage, Mol. It was a tough one but also SO good for so many reasons. You guys are a wonderful couple. You've already proven that you've got what it takes to make it! Love you guys.

  2. Seriously you are adorable!!! One more week and I can rub that belly!!!!