1st Baby Shower.... :)

So I had my first baby shower on Sunday...thrown by my wonderful momma! If you don't know my mom, she is pretty much just flat out amazing! She is the QUEEN of detail, she never misses a thing....so of course when she said that she was planning me a shower to be thrown at her house I figured it would be over the top- it totally was! It was awesome....she did the "double" theme from games to home made diaper cake that she made with two little guys on top of the cake...so mom, thank you for making this shower so special! You really are one of a kind and I love you so much...you rock! Luke and Will have no idea how special their grandma is...the joy is to come for them finding out! Love you....


  1. Oh my gosh, Mol. HOW DARLING were all those details! Your mom IS amazing (good job, Bonnie!).

    I'm so sad I missed it. I need to come by and take a look at all the loot you got. I may or may not be jealous of the new boy stuff ;)

    You look adorable! Don't forget to document that belly every week!

  2. So cute...Molly is gonna be a "mum"....your mom left no detail unturned! And two of everything, I can't even imagine!

    (Not sure about those KU onsies though....go Kstate! :)

  3. Just ordered your shower presents myself!!! Can't wait to see you and give them too you!!! Love ya. Oh and that Bonnie B sure knows how to throw a party!!!!