24 week update and pumpkin patch

So I went and got another ultrasound today as well as my gestational testing...going to say that I failed the test- I checked my own blood sugar before they tested me and it was 184- really high! So I find out tomorrow if I passed or not....I am guessing no since I have monster babies in me...my ob told me that the babies should be about a pound a piece- well Luke baby a is 1 1/2 and Will, baby b is 1 pound 9 oz at 24 weeks! So we will know more tomorrow- will keep you all posted...but both babies are perfect....stomach's and heart chambers and all looks good! so that is a blessing....here are some pics of my husband and I at the pumpkin patch...


  1. Oh my GOSH, how cute are you, Mol? Those are so cute. I am glad your boys are doing well in there. Hope you pass the test but if not you are good at taking care of yourself and I know you'll do what you need to do to keep you and those cuties healthy. Love you :)

  2. Hopefully you pass with flying colors! And how cute are you at the pumpkin patch! Love it!