25 weeks....

Seems strange to think that we will have babies in about 11 weeks! HOLY COW...anyways feeling pretty well for as far as I am. Not as nervous about the gestational diabetes- I am meeting with my endcronologist on Thursday she has me taking my sugars twice a day and they have all been really good- especially fasting been below 91 each morning, so that is great. Total weight gain so far is 22 pounds belly button is almost outie- babies are kicking all the time, it is really cool that I can feel them and Steve too. I put the remote on my belly and they just go crazy- it is fun. Here are some pics of my 25 week belly.

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  1. Lookin' good! How exciting to be feeling kicks all the time....it never got old for me, even at the very end! So with two can you tell which one is kicking or is it just a baby jumble in there?