Well I failed....

So I have to go in tomorrow for my 3 hour glucose test...ugh! I knew this would happen....I guess my results were "elevated" they should be no higher than 135 and I was 151- so I go in tomorrow and see- my issue is that I am only living with 55% of my pancreas so it doesn't know how to process all the sugars so fast...so since I failed today they give me a higher dose tomorrow- so they test me at 8 am fasting needs to be below 95 then I drink the drink and they test me at one hour needs to be below 180 then again at 2 hours needs to be below 155 then last at 3 hour needs to be below 140- if I fail 2 out of the 4 then I am considered gestational diabetic...but with me it is different I will have to be on insulin shots since my pancreas will never produce more insulin- so PLEASE pray for me...I am really worried I do not want to become type one diabetic....ugh that would not be good!


  1. Oh no! I know quite a few people who failed the 1 hour but passed the 3 hour with flying colors! Here's to hoping you're one of them!

  2. Molly, this test is, in summary, total BS! do NOT WORRY! For someone who avoids excessive sugar, this test is always a horrible representation. They basically dose a sugar-less system with an abnormal whack of sugar...of COURSE your body responds like that! The "desired" results are based on patient averages, not an "ideal." again, keep the sugar consumption low like you do and don't worry about this!

  3. Oh, Molly, please know you are in our prayers. I am so hopeful that your levels were on target today. You are going to be fine and those babies will be perfect, I just know it. Love you, Annie