34 week appointment and other news

Hey all...

Been a while since blogging- I am now over 34 weeks and feeling good, but still really tired and the extra 35 pounds of weight is starting to take toll on me. We had another bio yesterday and both boys are head down and we will be trying for a vaginal birth! My OB and I discussed it yesterday and that is the plan. We have another specialist appointment on 1/3 to weigh the boys again then I go see my OB right after that and we may be having a talk of inducing me depending on if Luke is gaining....so that was another exciting moment yesterday.

The other BIG news is that we sold our house! Can you believe that? We took it off the market on 11/1- we had a couple look at the house over Labor Day weekend and they called on 12/15 to see the house again- well on 12/16 we had an offer and we countered and finally after 4 counters we both agreed...we are set to close on 1/31 and today we are looking for a new house! All of this happened so soon that we really still can't wrap our heads around it- it is horrible timing, but God works in his own way and we knew that we needed more room for our soon to be growing boys- will keep you posted on all of the exciting news to come!

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  1. How exciting about the house!!! Though I can't imagine trying to house hunt and be pregnant with twins. You are awesome!