Merry Christmas and 35 weeks

Hello all-

Well I have made it to 35 weeks....next week we go into the specialist and they will measure Luke and Will and see where we stand on when to induce if we are even going to do that. I was told at my 35 week appointment that I am not growing anymore- my measurements have been the same for the last few weeks and I am up about the same on weight- up 37 pounds...so my OB told me that we will wait and see what the specialist say next Monday...so will be waiting for that day- both boys are head down still so vaginal birth is how we are going to start as long as I can dialate ok. As of yesterday only a finger tip dialated she said- so we shall see....will keep you posted.

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  1. OMG. You look great! I'm not sure where you put 37 pounds, it's gotta be all baby related! Thought about you today when scouring the clearance racks for baby clothes. All those itty bitty newborn outfits...hard to believe my little guy was wearing those just a few months ago and now I'm shopping for 6-9!