The big REVEAL!!

Well we are having two BOYS!! They both are really healthy and measuring close to the same- Baby A 6.4 Oz and heartbeat of 160 and Baby B 8.0 Oz and heartbeat of 150. They are in the ying and yang position, Baby A's head is on top of Baby B's feet- so Baby A is the top one...still having the due date of 1/30- but she said that I will be no more than 38 weeks as they will induce me...but at 18 weeks I am feeling great and up about 10 pounds from pre-pregnancy....so Luke and Will we will be SO anxious to meet you....she said that there is a chance of them being identical even though they are in different sacs- it can happen I guess....here are some pics of them!


  1. Oh Mol, I am BEYOND happy for you and Steve. First of all, I am so glad they are healthy and measuring good for their gestation. That is SO important!

    But I can't help but be GIDDY over the fact that you're having two boys. I got chills and cried tears of joy when you gave me the news. I know I'm partial but my two boys are so very special to me. And I know you're gonna love Luke & Will like crazy :)

    And Landon and Brigham will be good buds with them someday :)

  2. Molly Molly Molly! This is amazing news. I can't get over it. Stalking your blog as usual. Love you lots.

  3. What wondeful pictures! I used to stare at my ultrasound all the time amazed by it all...but to see two, how cool! And did I see you're naming them Luke and Will! Those names were both in our top 5 before we decided on James (Jamie)! So glad you emailed me...love finding new KC bloggers!