25 Facts about me!

Many of the blogs I read have been doing this- so I thought that I would join. I love turtles. When I was in high school my mom and I made a turtle pit. Real deal turtle pit. We had up to 10 turtles that we caught in the pit one summer. I almost always make Steve stop to help a turtle cross the road. I love coffee. Drink it daily now I also love fake tanning. Put a stop to it since my surgery well and now since seeing the "tan mom" from Jersey- Holy Cow lady- LAY OFF THE TANNING I am a big dancer. LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance. Now I dance with my boys. I am pretty much into any bargain I can find. Garage sales, Thrift stores. I find really cute cheap stuff and love it when people compliment me on it. BARGAIN! I love the summer- especially now that our AC is fixed! Also can't live without the farmer's market- going every Saturday with my cup of coffee and boys! Never thought that I would have twins- really sometimes I still can't believe that they're mine. Am a big fan of animals- we have two dogs and my sweet kitty who I got in college, she will be 10 this September Enjoy working for my dad. Of course I would love to be a stay at home mom, Can't beat having your dad as your boss Am so thankful that I moved into the house that we did. I have made so many close girlfriends, I am so lucky I am also thankful for my continued health 2 1/2 years later. No Spleen and 50% of my pancreas- doing really well Lucky that I found Steve at age 26- got married at 28 and had two babes with him at age 29! WE DIDN'T MESS AROUND. :) Miss that my sister and brother in law and two sweet nephews aren't closer- anxiously awaiting our June visit to SD Looking forward to all of the first time summer events with the boys and Steve Can't wait until the boys start talking- really talking If I could travel anywhere I would go GREECE- Love custard, worked at Sheridan's frozen custard in college Am so thankful that I went to the college that I went to- meet some great friends- TRI SIGMA I am a big fan of Feta cheese I also love love love black olives I thought FaceBook was dumb- never joined until recently and now I am obsessed with it

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