Daily changes

Hello all- haven't posted in a while..I have been busy. The boys are almost 16 months and I just can't believe how fast the time goes. I will have new pictures to post after the weekend. It seems like each day they change into these little boys, not babies anymore. I can say to you that I love it. I love to see their little eyes light up and pointer fingers out when discoverying new things. These sweet boys are so wonderful. I have always wanted to be a wife and mom and I have to thank my sweet husband, Steve, for giving me everything that I have ever wanted- Wife and Mom. The boys are getting into wrestling eachother which just kills me. This morning Luke- who is 19 pounds, tackled Will who is 23 pounds to the ground. Luke was sitting on top of him and Will was crying. So I had to break it up, but gosh it is funny to me. Their vocabulary is changing daily too. Kitty Cat- Keecat is my favorite word that they say, the cat at the end is high pitch in excitment. Milk, dog, mama, dada, ball- seems like everything is ball, uh-oh that is another one that they say all the time. Bye Bye- I am sure that there are many more words, but can't seem to think of them They both love taking their little tiny pointer fingers and turning off their bedroom lights in the morning- I hold them and say let's turn off the light and the pointer finger is already out waiting for it. They are running now- all I hear is 4 pitter patter feet running through the house and it makes me smile. We are so very blessed. Thank you God for these miracles. Have a good weekend- will have pictures of my little dudes on Monday their offical 16 month birthday!

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