My growing boys

After looking at these pictures I am sure that you will all agree with me that Will looks like he is two- just so you all know the boys will be 15 Months on 4/7. It is just nuts to me that Will is so much bigger than Luke. They both are equally cute though!!


  1. They are so adorable, Mol. Really really truly gorgeous little boys!

  2. Hey Molly! I somehow stumbled across your page from Reagan's blog. Your boys are just the cutest!! Haven't talked to you in a LONG time so congrats on EVERYTHING!! I am 24 weeks preggo with TWIN GIRLS, so needless to say I think I just spent the last hour reading everything on your blog...LOVE IT! I would love any advice you have to offer:-) I started a blog on this site and then ended up using iWeb...You can check it out if you like at http://ashleybrittingham.tk
    Anyway just thought I would say hello!

    1. Oh my gosh hello Ashley! How are you? Do you have an email so we can chat? Would love to catch up.

    2. Yes its ashley1842@aol.com
      Looking forward to hearing from you!