Not another runny nose

UGH- this is the third time I have been "sick" this year. I guess when you have twins that have a runny nose, the momma gets it too. Ugh, I am so tired and my poor nose, sneezing and blowing and all of that. The boys have runny noses and sneezing, but still happy. I am not sure why we are all getting this, I am guessing the weather being 35 in the morning and then 70 in the day....it is messing us all up. I had my flu shot and so did the boys....so why are we getting these stupid colds? Winter come and let our bodies get use to the weather, the hot to cold cold to hot is annoying. I would like to sleep right now.....not going to happen. Oh well this is my new life as a working momma to twins.


  1. Soooooo Sorry your sick sweetie!!!! I hope you get feeling better soon love XOXO

  2. Being sick is the pits! I thought I was getting a cold last week...had all the early signs, then it just went away. (knock on wood!) I'm hoping it stays away!