Appointment update

Well went in for my 22 week appointment- all is good! Total weight gain is now up to 18 pounds! My OB said that my gain was perfect just where she wanted me to be....heard both of the babies heart beats- strong and fast! :) Scheduled me for October 11th for Gestational testing and my ultrasound as well as an appointment with her....I feel good, really happy that these little boys are doing so well...I am ok with my back hurting a little as long as they are getting all the nutrients that they need. So that is all that I really have to report- I am starting to get a slight bit of an outie belly button, it is funny! Oh and I am measuring as if I was 30 weeks pregnant if I were carrying a singleton....I will be sporting a big belly soon....well I think it is big, but even bigger! :)


  1. Your belly is beautiful. Can't believe you're measuring 30 weeks already. Those boys need lots of room though. So let them spread out, okay mom?

    I am getting so so so freaking excited for the day when they are born! Glad they are healthy little guys.

  2. Oh the back aches! Mine were horrible. I would cover myself in Icy Hot or Biofreeze. I was not only carrying my twins, but chasing a 2 year old. I think I told you but I have that body pillow that I used when I went on bedrest.