Rest in peace sweet Bro-Bro

Uh- this is such a sad posting for us...on Saturday morning we had to put our sweet 8 year old Rott down....a week to the date of when we noticed his was sick...6/18 he was not eating and just acting funny...Steve took him to the vet on Monday and the tests came back that he had cancer, we were not sure where so on Tuesday he took him in to get an ultra sound and found out that there were two masses on his spleen. He was only eating chicken, hot dogs and a rice mixture that my mother in law made for him. On Friday he was acting a little better, we took him on a walk, he had a little more pep in his step and Steve and I cheered him with our wine on Friday night. Saturday 6/25 was another story, he woke up throwing up bile and breathing bad, then he started coughing up blood...it was just horrible, so we made the decision to take him into the vet and laid with him until his last breath, oh it was just horrible. I have never had to put a dog down or watch one take his last breath, but we know we made the right decision. Steve got Brody when he was just 8 weeks old- he and Steve had a very special bond...I don't think any other dog will have that with Steve. Our hearts are broken, we will miss you sweet Bro Bro.

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  1. You know I'm thinking of you guys. I know Brody is in a better place but I also know the pain of losing a pet. They become family and it is so hard to say goodbye and feel their presence is missing from a room. It will get better with time.