Not again....Now Marvin!

So since Brody's passing on Saturday- things have gone from bad to worse...Sunday morning at 6 am Steve and I wake to Marvin, our chocolate lab that we have had since 11 weeks is vomiting blood! NO WAY!!! He continues throughout the day- then Sunday night he is having horrible runny poop- not eating as well. Marvin is almost 4 years old, super active and all around a healthy dog so we were in shock. Mind you, we just went to the vet on 6/18 to get his shots- so all was fine. Well he has continued to throw up and poop and not eat, so this morning I went into the vet- AGAIN- Dr Myer our sweet vet, who put Brody down, was there to meet me and just shaking her head said- no worries we will check this out- well Marvin is stressed- she said it is a classic scenario when a dog dies...Marvin knows what has been going on at home and is sad- he misses his buddy. Seriously, is that not the sweetest thing? He is still at the vet- very dehydrated, but on the road to being healthy again, she gave him 3 shots to help and will be sending us home with some meds. My poor baby- these poor dogs, our poor checking account...us not sleeping at all- been letting them out for the last week, Brody now Marvin. Well at least it is nothing more serious....these dogs just mean the world to Steve and I we couldn't take another major issue. Get better buddy! :)

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