Visit from Aunt Becky and Uncle Josh and cousins!

So it has been a year since my sister and I have been together- last time was in Vail when we were all together for my parents 40th anniversary. I was 7 weeks pregnant and my sister was 24 weeks pregnant...we have never met baby Trevor who was born 10/7/10- exactly 3 months before the twins. It was fun to be with them all. Brett my "first" nephew is turning 3 on 6/26- he is so stinking cute..he is potty trained now and loving his big boy underwear...my parents got him some new undies for his birthday- well to be honest my parents got him EVERYTHING- it was spider man themed birthday...the kid got hooked up! Trev is just adorable- so sweet and even tempered...it was really cool to see my boys with my sister's boys! Here are some fun pictures of our family....


  1. So cute, Mol! Four boys is a lot (same as my parents!). I'm so glad you all finally got to get together!

  2. What a great looking group of Boys!!! Those Basinger girls sure do produce beautiful babies!