Bye bye daycare

So I have been MIA due to being overwhelmed with finding a new daycare/nanny. Our daycare is over on kids so we have had to find a new place for the boys. I am beyond upset about all of but am learning to make lemonade out of the lemons that I was handed from this daycare. So I got on care.com and found a great nanny to come to our house- she is 19 and lives 10 blocks away. All was good until I got a text from her telling me that she got into hair school and couldn't accept the position. So back to square one- looking again- thank goodness there was another girl who was interested. She is 20 and lives about the same distance from us. She came over last Saturday and met us and the boys and seems to be a good fit. She is coming over on Saturday for a "trial run."

I pray that this girl will love the boys like we do. Care for them like we do...protect them like we do. I am nervous to bring someone new into their lives as a mom my biggest fear is someone hurting them or doing something nasty to them, so this has been a BIG change. I pray that she works out...please pray too!!!

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