Seperation Anxiety???

So today was like any other daycare drop off- get Luke out and take him to the door, then get Will and take him to the door- we do in home daycare, so I ring the bell and they get the boys in their carriers. So I am coming up the stairs with Will and Michelle, our daycare provider, is holding Luke who has HUGE tears in his eyes- then looks at me and starts to cry again...I put Will in the carrier in the hallway of the front door and he starts screaming= like can't catch your breath crying...Michelle says "welcome separation anxiety" I get in the car and almost start to cry- I call Steve and tell him what happened and tell him to get a HUGE raise so that I can stay at home with the boys- that is not going to happen by the way....so it is weighing heavy on my heart then I get a text from Michelle with Will in his jumper smiling away! Luke in the saucer smiling!! Thank you Michelle- I needed that...these boys have made my heart expand about a million times in size. So in love with them....

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  1. Awww. Jamie just started doing this, so I guess I will consider myself lucky it took over a year. Doesn't make the mom guilt any better though! Hang in there....they tell me it's just a phase...hopefully a fast one!