Back at it....

I am back now...well back at work for 1/2 days. Can't believe it has been 3 weeks today! Seems like it was so long ago...3 weeks ago right now I was getting my epidural and getting ready to go in for the big surgery. I am feeling good 3 weeks after, my energy level is WAY lower than expected and I am still not eating a ton of food..but I am able to do a lot more that I was doing beforehand. My sugar levels are in the 96-110 range which is still not too bad- normal range with fasting is suppose to be 70-99...so I am close...feeling much better though, not missing the mornings where I have no idea what I am doing or where I am....my incision is looking awesome! I mean it is really great- putting vitamin E on it daily to help with the scar, but I am really happy with it...no sun for a full year on it! For those of you who really know me, know that I LOVE THE SUN! My tummy always gets like black...not this year...tankini here I come! Oh well, got to do it to continue with the incision looking tight and not purple...also been getting the final itemized bill from Mayo-- grand total is about $52,000 for the surgery!!!! So glad that we have great insurance...talk soon

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