First Appointment with Endocrinologist

Today is almost 5 weeks out from surgery, I am feeling really good, I mean surprised with my recovery...but anyways met with Dr Abraham today and she is a little worried about my sugar levels, yesterday morning it was the highest it has ever been at 122..normal fasting level is 70-99- so we are checking on that and going to try to reevaluate those levels. Also she said that she is almost positive that I will have
gestational diabetes when I am pregnant so will have to deal with that when the time comes...but overall she was really happy with my recovery and couldn't believe I was back to work and back to a normal life only 4 weeks out....what can I say, I am super woman! Just kidding....well talk to you soon!

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  1. Ahh Gestational Diabetes is not that big of a deal....I had it. Just be ready to gain a whole lot of weight!! Also if you have it as bad as I did you will get weekly ultra sounds of your little one starting at about 28 weeks!!! That was nice!!! Can't wait for you to get prego!!!