On to a new road with my diet!

Thanks be to my dear, sweet friend, Liz...she got me almost obsessed with the hunter-gatherer foods...All of this was stemmed from my high sugar levels and watching to make sure that I don't become a diabetic after the 40% of pancreas being removed. My doctor thinks that the pancreas may not be producing enough insulin--UGH...so anyways after Liz told me about all of the issues with gluten and glycemic index and all of it...so I am trying to become more aware of what I am eating...trying to avoid all dairy- got some Almond milk from Whole Foods- thanks to Liz- low GI...and I love it! Also trying to avoid grains, bread and sugar- focusing more on meats and veggies and fruit- getting natural sugars from fruit....I am really excited about this, if this can help lower my blood sugars then maybe I can avoid diabetes...anything but diabetes! So thank you Liz...I really am looking forward to this new road....keep you posted!

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