Whole foods weekend-

Ok I went to whole foods three different times this weekend...Liz, Steve wants to kill me! Got a bunch of different items- Raw honey, Grape seed oil, Coconut oil, Almond flour...which was $15 BTW! Anyways, made my first gluten free items this morning...Liz's website- http://jerselizabeth.com/ has great recipes, so I thought that I would try one...Banana bread...made with almond flour and the honey and coconut oil...it turned out really good! A little grainy from the almond flour, but Steve had two pieces and me too! Well, ok, I had three small pieces....tomorrow night for dinner I am trying out her veggie casserole....excited to be making these new recipes can't go wrong with the gluten free lifestyle! Also been reading up on the low glycemic index to help lower my blood sugars....I will let you know how the casserole comes out!

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  1. Good job, Mol. Now go make me some of that banana bread NOW ; )