3 weeks old!

Hello all-

We went to the doctor on Friday to do a weight check on the boys- last Friday 1/21 Luke was 4 pounds 10 oz and Will was 6 pounds 2 oz....Luke had not gained in those 4 days that we had him home, so our doctor wanted to do another check in a week- So on 1/28 I went with the boys- BY MYSELF- first time driving with them and using the double snap n go- felt so accomplished...anyways Luke weighed in at 5 pounds 3 oz and Will was 6 pounds 12 oz! Can you believe that? All from my breast milk- that is all that they have been eating every 3 hours- I am pumping a ton and breast feeding Will and Luke when he latches on- Will latches on all the time, but Luke is still having a little trouble, but I am ok with it all- they are strictly on my milk and gaining!!!! Makes me feel really good- makes me happy that I am pumping after feedings and doing it in my sleep- last night I fell asleep and milk was leaking all over me- LIQUID GOLD ON THE FLOOR- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- anyways, we will have some new pics up after the move- our house is a mess, closing tomorrow and we are so excited...talk soon

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