Update on my boys

So yesterday we were here for our normal 8:30 am feeding I we were told that we get to room out with Will...basically Will is being released from NICU and able to stay with me in the room....so last night was my first night with one of my sons- all night long, I got to breastfed him in bed and stare at him and learn his noises and movements...it was perfect, I was getting up every 3 hours to head to the nicu with Will to feed Luke then come back to the room and feed Will- it was a long night, but I would not have it any other way...so tonight we get to have Luke and Will in the room with us- Steve is staying with us tonight to help and to have him get the idea with me...and the BEST news is that we ALL get to go HOME tomorrow no later than 12 pm...a total of 10 days in the nicu- we get to go home...praise the lord! We are so thrilled....our pediatrician wants the boys to have a whole week of no visitors and just learning to get use to their new home and new environment...so next week we can have some visitors but no too many...I really want to wait until they are a little stronger as I do not want them to catch anything and end back up in the nicu....well once I get them both in the room I will be able to hold both of my boys together for the first time...so excited!


  1. So happy for you. Let the FUN begin:).

  2. Also, if you need anything, please let us know. Our Mothers of Multiples group would like to bring you a meal soon.