Luke and Will have arrived!!!

Born on 1/7/2011- got induced at 6 pm on 1/6/11 with cervadil which was just horrid- the whole experience- I contracted very fast and at 1 am the nurse took me off of it. At 6 am my Ob broke my water and I was at a 3 and at 7:40 I got my epidural- I was dying way more pain than I expected....at 11 am I was at a 7 and at 11:15 am I was fully effaced and at a 10- it was go time....we went to the OR to be prepped and I started pushing at 11:45- 12:07 Luke Thomas was born- weighing 4 pounds 5 oz and 16 1/2 inches long- lot of long black hair....my Ob broke my water with Will and one minute later I was pushing again- Will was born at 12:18- 11 minutes apart- Will Anthony was 5 pounds 15 oz and 18 inches long...lighter hair and not as much- Luke looks like me and Will looks like Steve- they are both in the NICU- due to Luke's size and Will was having respiratory and eating issues on keeping the food down- he had a lot of mucus in his stomach due to not being in the canal very long...today is day 3 of them being born and they are really doing well- today they took out their iv's and they are currently being tube fed but still breastfeeding but my milk is not in yet- but they are sucking really good- I am so blessed to have my boys- really can't believe all this happened and I am now a mom to two beautiful boys- here is a pic- got to get back to the nicu to feed again- much love and thanks for all the prayers! Luke is on the left and Will is on the right


  1. Yay!! Congrats lady! I can't believe you progressed so fast!! And you pushed out 2 babies in half the time it took me to push out one! Hope to meet the little guys soon!

  2. Congratulations! That is an amazing accomplishment to have them both vaginally. You are one very blessed momma!