They boys are one week old today- they are both out of the incubators and are in "cribs" now- maintaining their own body temps- which is great! They are both eating really well- nursing first then drinking their bottle with my milk and then every other time we go to formula since I am not producing enough as of right now for the both of them. Luke is past birth weight at 4 pounds 6 oz and Will is at 5 pounds 14 oz- he had a little issue for the first three days with the mucus in his belly and keeping food down, but now he hogs it down- it is so funny! So as of today we were told that per our pediatrician that they would be released late this weekend or early next week- Tuesday at the latest..so that is great news. Here are some new pics of my precious sons...still so strange to say that! I am just so in love with them and can't wait to get them home, I will be holding them non stop to make up for this lost time....Still can't get pictures of Will with his eyes open- those will come later I guess- he is just so snuggly with me each time-


  1. They are perfect. Two perfect little angels. I'm so glad they continue to get stronger!

  2. Molly, The boys are so cute! I can't wait to meet them in person someday! We continue to pray for them and that they will soon be able to come home! Congrats to you and Steve!!!

  3. AWWWWWWW.....Is all I have to say!! I can't believe how much they both have changed!!! They look great and I'm so happy that they continue to get stronger with each passing day!!!!!! Love you sweetie OXXOXOXOX