Just me and my pump

So I feel that I have an additional piece attached to my body- the breast pump- I am with it CONSTANTLY- I am pumping every 3 hours daily- I am breast feeding both boys but still pumping to keep my supply up and to have some frozen and in the fridge- so every 3 hours that pump is attached to me- my schedule is pretty crazy- every 3 hours the boys are eating- feed one then the other during nights it is a bottle with breast milk during the day it is nursing then a bottle if we feel that they did not nurse long enough- at night it is bottle only then me pumping right after then changing diapers then going to bed to wake up with in one to two hours and do it all again...I am so grateful that I have enough milk for the both of them- but wowsa it is a full time commitment to breast feeding- I had no idea the work and time that it took-


  1. It really does get better Molly:).

  2. I will start calling you Bessie. That is what I called myself when I was breastfeeding/pumping!