We're home!

So we all got to come home yesterday at 11 am- it was bittersweet leaving the nicu- I was emotional with the nurses who gave us so much care and loved on our sons while we were not there- they had round the clock great care and we were lucky to have the whole staff of nurses..so when we left it was great- we got home and had our family in our home- it was nice...we introduced the dogs to them which Chloe our female Rott wants to be their mother- she is VERY interested in them...hoping that will subside once we get into the new house, more room and they will have more space to rome.

Well wanted to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and kind messages- 10 days total in the nicu, seems a lot longer, but we made it through and we are home...it is a great feeling- minus the fact that I am not sleeping, but hey- I have wanted these babies for years, so I will take the no sleeping for my sweet sons.

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  1. Yay! So excited you're whole little family is home safe and sound! Can't wait to meet everyone....when you're ready of course!